Sunday, 29 July 2012

3 Really Good Logo Design Sites

One of the most popular ways to get professional, nice looking logo designs is to use one of the many Logo Design contest sites.  These sites are perfect for individuals or small businesses who want to get logo design concepts from a wide variety of different designers, not just one.  This is perfect for someone like me, who has limited capabilities of describing the kind of design I want.  I know what looks nice when I see it, but I usually can't describe it beforehand.

Below are the top 3 logo design contest websites that you can try.

1. 99designs

99Designs is my favorite because it has the deepest community of talented designers.  Posting your own design contest is very easy, and they have a money back guarantee as well.  So you are sure to get results if you use them.  Here's a review of 99designs by fellow blogger Josh Kotsay.

2. crowdSpring

crowdSpring is quite similar to 99designs.  They have over 120k designers registered on the site and all design contests are backed by a money back guarantee.  ArtOfBlog has a review of Crowdspring here.

One of the designers I use all the time, I first found on crowdSpring.  And he's been doing a great job over the years designing some really nice free vectors that I've been using.

3. Hatchwise

Another design contest site that is mainly focused on logo design.  What's unique about this site is that they have listing fees as cheap as $29.


If you have any design needs, why not try one of these design contest sites.  You'll get a wide variety of different designs to look at, and most of these sites offer your money back if you're not happy as well.  This makes them a no-brainer to try them for yourself.

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